Monday, March 5, 2012

On My Radar

I was a single mom last week. Yes, my lucky husband headed off to Las Vegas for work (and fancy meals, and shopping and gambling). Can you tell I'm jealous?

Well, now that I've finally recuperated (how do single moms do it?!) I have some time to tell you about a couple of great new products/services that have been piling up in my inbox.

Yes! Lululemon has finally done it! They have created a line for girls. Hannah doesn't quite make the grade yet as the clothing is available in sizes 4-14. The site is labelled as"dance wear & activewear" and while there are plenty of leotards and skate skirts, I have a feeling that even those less active girls will be sporting the comfy pants and leggings. Warning: kids' prices aren't too far off from the adult ones, kaching.

This one is unfortunately just for my US readers.
Ever heard of Glossybox? This subscription based service sends members a monthly package full of cosmetics. for just $15.
Well, PetiteBox will soon be sending all moms who sign up a monthly package of goodies from their fourth month of pregnancy to baby's first birthday. No word on how much the cost per month will be but high end products, essential for new moms, are promised.

Our kids' spring wardrobe is about to get the designer touch as Diane Von Furstenberg collaborates with the Gap for a collection for kids. While there has been much press around the March 15th launch I got an invitation today to shop the collection first from 8am to 10am. Cannot wait...but somewhat hesitant about the designer price tags.

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