Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get Ready to...Wiggle

No TV before the age of 2. Does YouTube count?

I'll admit to turning on Oprah a few days a week at 4pm while Hannah plays but for the moment we stay away from cartoons.

That is with one tiny exception...occasionally pre-naptime, Hannah will zone out with some Wiggles music videos on YouTube. Hot Potato, Big Red Car, Fruit Salad...they really are some of her favourite songs. Maybe its watching the colourful shirts of Sam, Murray, Jeff and Anthony dance on the screen, or maybe its that they truly are great Australian performers.

My husband fully admits to singing Dr. Knicker Bocker all day long yesterday. And he just made me watch this video.

Unfortunately, their tours don't seem to make it to Montreal. But we've heard of some families who are willing to make the trip to Ottawa. If this YouTube habit keeps on, we might just be packing up for a family road trip when the next Wiggles tour is announced. Toot, toot, chugga, chugga...maybe it'll be a road trip in the big red car....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Potty Potential

When is too early to start potty training?

Hannah has actually pooped in the toilet twice. Mid-bath time, we saw that look in her face and scooped her out, dripping wet, for a quick lesson in toilet training.

The kind folks over at Varsity Baby have sent over a sample of their new Flush and Cheer Potty. This high-tech receptacle allows you to record a favourite song or your voice that will play when flushed. How's that for positive reinforcement?

While our purple potty still remains in the box, Hannah is quite enjoying using it as a standing support.

So the question is when can we expect to stop supporting her expensive diaper habit?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Body Moving

The past few days have been full of moving and grooving. Which was a really nice change after the entire family (Winston excluded) suffered from a bout of gastro last week.

During an extremely mild weekend in the country, Hannah got use of her sled. In fact, mommy and daddy got some good exercise pulling it up and down the paths of the Weisner Woods in Stowe, Vt. We didn't know we had a little speed demon on our hands but all along the ride she was talking to herself in delight.

And once mommy was in an active state of mind, I actually made use of my new gym membership. With a limited time slot (after Hannah's 6:30 bedtime) I made it to my first ever 7:30pm Zumba class. One part Mexican gangsta, one part belly dancer and a whole lot of hip shaking, I impressed myself with an unexpected amount of coordination. I guess after all of my years of ballet, I should have had a little more faith in myself. Sure, I was able to keep up with the beat but I would have loved to had a video of myself to see how awkward the whole thing really was!

Here's to hoping that this new year continues to be as active as fun!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Attention all Montreal Moms of 3-6 year olds!

We are looking for children and their mothers to participate in a FUN focus group in February to take place in the West End.

This non-invasive, confidential focus group will feel more like an afternoon activity as your kids participate in an educational and entertaining activity.

If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 6 years old and would like to participate please email to fill out an application form.

All selected candidates and their children will be compensated for their time.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Packing up the Pump

Ten minutes per night. One ounce from both sides. These days pumping barely seems worth it.

So I have officially decided to retire my Medela Freestyle. I do believe I got my $400 worth (with more use to come with future children) but the day has dawned to pack it up back into its so-called chic carrying case.

With a tally of 20 bags (2oz each) in the freezer, I figure my supply will surely last me into March, when Hannah turns one and can officially have cow's milk.

With early bedtimes, a bottle is rarely needed to be given at night. So with ample supply for the occasional pre-afternoon nap bottle, it is time to reclaim the minutes between 10:00 and 10:10pm.

And with little soreness between feeds, I'm starting to think weaning will be far less painful than learning to latch.

The more painful part may be shelving the $400 price tag. Oh, to think of all of the shoes that could have been had!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Grown Up Gourmand

We can count the number of Saturday nights that we have gone out on one hand. But as the 6:30pm bedtime has become a household staple we indulged this Saturday night in an evening out with good company and good food.

Throughout the month of January, some of Old Montreal's finest restaurants participate in the Happening Gourmand. This 3 week affair offers 3 course menus ranging in price from $18-$22-$27. With the biggest menu selection, six of us headed to Modavie for an evening of French fare, accompanied by live jazz. Granted we were sitting a little too close to the drummer, the evening out was a memorable one and hopefully one of many more to come.

You still have time...with all of the money you will be saving on dinner, a babysitter surely won't break your budget.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Attached at the Hip

So far we have spent 10 months together. Day in, day out, laughs, tears...its been a bonding experience, every step of the way.

I guess its hard to take a step back and realize how close we have become. Or more importantly, how attached she has become to me.

Yesterday, Hannah spent her first afternoon with her new babysitter. After a great meeting last week, where they took to each other immediately, I was looking forward to a few hard core hours of work (t-minus two months until mat leave is up).

So I holed myself up in the office for a super productive hour...and then I came out. Bad idea. Yes, it was time for Hannah's afternoon snack but my appearance seemed to break the groove they had going. One look at me and it was like she couldn't live without me.

After a quick feed and some Cheerios and pears, I tried to hand her back. Tried being the operative word. But she just clung to me like glue.

We cut it short after an hour and a half and will hope for a bit more time next week. I guess I should have expected that it would be an endeavor to ease into...just a matter of time before its "mommy who?" And as the snow melts and the parks get packed, the fresh outdoors will surely be the ultimate distraction.

I can only imagine what it would be like if she was soon to make her daycare debut. So tough on the two of us. Luckily, we have until September to try to block that dreaded day out. And in the meantime, Hannah will surely be headed one step in the right direction towards a little less dependance on mommy. (boohoo)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maple Leaf Mom Blogs

With a mere 4 followers, I have a feeling most of you are reading other mom blogs. (No sign-up pressure intended here).

I'm actually compiling a list of Canadian blogs written by moms for one of my freelance projects.

I'd love to hear some of your favourite daily reads.

Thanks for your input!

Nursing in Style

I always wanted to be pregnant during the summer. Cute tanks and skirts to show off the curve of a belly bump. But instead I was swaddled in sweaters and jeans and still sweating in -20 degree weather.

Moms of summer babies might curse the heat but at least they get to nurse in style. Mid-march I was lifting up tons of layers for Hannah to get to the final destination. But summer moms can just "pop" them out for a quick snack.

And this summer they can do it even easier thanks to a new collection by Boob. This line of nursing dresses eliminates the conundrum of having to hike up your dress to make feeding fast. Complete with breast overlap, these styles keep nursing totally discreet.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweating to the Nursery Rhymes

Hannah is currently knocked out in her crib post our first session at Le Petit Gym in TMR. We took advantage of a free class this morning, with the Birds, aged 10-19 months.

Hannah, and her friend Cassie, were among the youngest in the group, still stuck on all fours. And though the other kids were running around, climbing on the apparatuses and catching bubbles in their tiny hands, my little 10 month old definitely had fun, with an audio tape narrated by Baz Luhrmann playing in the background.

We signed up for the winter session to begin in a few weeks, when she might be a bit more mobile (hoping not, at least until I get a gate for the kitchen). With 19 weeks of jumping, swinging, bouncing and more, this new Friday morning activity will most probably be a weekly anticipation.

And though the price tag may be steep at $380 for the session, plus membership, we will surely use it towards the government's physical activity tax credit for children.

So on February 5th we will officially be a bird. And though flying may not be in our future, Hannah will probably be soaring from the fun of it all.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Links to Click On

Two noteworthy links for you this week:

1. Hannah's editorial debut on Sweetmama

2. One of my new clients: Sarah's Universe
Check out their site, sign up for the newsletter and save an additional 15%

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So that explains it!

Wonder Week 46 is upon us!

Last night I felt like I had been run over by a mac truck (after dealing with so many truck driver-esque poops) and now I know why.

We are entering the wonderful world of sequences. So in a couple of weeks I will hopefully have a helper who will start putting her toys away instead of strewing them throughout the house. Granted she already enjoys picking up every speck of dirt off of the floor and her knees act as Swiffer pads. But soon things should be going into boxes, instead of coming out of them.

In the meantime, I must deal with a mischievous, diaper-hating, clingy 10-month old.

Mischief - case in point - Hannah has recently discovered Winston's food dishes. The minute she enters the kitchen she heads straight for those shiny chrome bowls. And after repeatedly telling her no and waving my index fingers, I get sweet smiles. Oh, I am so cute!

Well, yes she is...but I can only say no so many times. So the bowls have made their way up to the counter...for now. Hoping to not have to completely displace our home, I'm working on teaching Hannah what she can and cannot touch.

Maybe I'd be better off waiting a few weeks...

We got through the last Wonder Week. We'll get through this one too. I may just need a supply of concealer and caffeine to get by.

Oh week I anticipate your arrival. I wonder if you just might come early. Or would that mess up the sequence of things?!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Diaper Duty

I never thought I would have a problem changing a diaper.

Before Hannah was born we agreed that I would be in charge of poop and my husband in charge of puke. My gag reflex always got the best of me so I figured I would stick with the stinky stuff.

And stinky it is. These days we call them "truck driver" poops. No offense to truck drivers. They just resemble the odour that emits from a port-o-potty. Especially since we introduced yogourt last week.

But my issue isn't with the stench. It's my inability to physically change a diaper. With a wriggly baby who breaks out in shrill cries the moment she is laid down on her back. I've tried to change her sitting up but she just rolls back on to her tummy. Or looks as though she is about to fall off of her dresser.

So this afternoon, I put the changing mat right on the floor.

But that didn't work.

Then, I tried on our bed.

It is now covered in pee.

Hmm...I wonder if they make pull-ups in size 3...then the diaper application could be done in one felt swoop and she could stand (supported) the entire time.

In the meantime, I'l hope for infrequent diaper changes. Or at least a second set of hands to help pin her down with an arsenal of raspberries to turn her cries into delightful tickles.

As I write this, the sound of a BB gun poof (aka fart) emits from her tush. 5:22pm. Dad will be home soon.

Hopefully she can sit in out, while she sits in it...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twenty Ten

Happy New Year!

We are back from a week long vacation in Stowe where Hannah was a superstar. She slept her nights, took her naps and minimally pulled on the dogs' tails. She amazed us all and, at the same time, reassured us that travel is most definitely a viable option. Now if only some Aeroplan point flights to Florida would open up....

So settling in back home and immediately plagued with a conundrum. Prior to the holidays, a few business opportunities came my way. Yes to some, no to others - but the bottom line is I need more time.

More time to work. More quality time to spend with Hannah. More time to not be constantly multitasking.

So while I wait for some education student friends to get back to me on potential nannies for a few hours a week, I gave the daycare down the street a call. And as luck would have it, they have an opening as of January 11th.

So a few concerns:

1. I only want to send Hannah for a few hours - post morning nap, pre-lunch (10am-noon) But the daycare serves lunch at 11am and then naps at noon. So in hopes of not messing up her current schedule, she would have to sit there and watch the other kids eat. No fun.

2. This is the third opening that a $7/day in-home daycare has had since October. Weird, no? We got a recommendation from the secretary at the vet who sends her son there but it just doesn't make sense why there are so many openings at what appears to be a prime daycare.

I have until Tuesday to give my answer.

In the meantime, I am hoping that a few nannies come through. If you know anyone experienced who may like to watch a pretty, well behaved little girl for 5-10 hours a week please let me know.

Thank god, our "real" daycare doesn't start until September. Learning quickly that letting go is so hard to do.