Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Solid Gold

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Carrots will sharpen your eyesight.

We all know the benefits of fruits and veggies but I recently discovered the side effects of these super foods on a baby's (virgin) digestive system.

I have been testing everything out for a 3 day time period. So far on the roster: butternut squash, peas, pears, rice, oats, sweet potato and the culprits in question - apples and carrots.

I think Hannah really developed her taste buds as she started lapping up 4+ tablespoons of carrots in a sitting. But unfortunately her colon couldn't keep up. And so the constipation set in. To put it nicely, I'd say we went from a full on poop-slosion in her diaper to deer-like pellets which inevitably turned into a diaper rash.

So though I am not 100% sure if it was the carrots or apples that wreaked havoc on her system, I do know that 2 days of an A&C free diet, have put her tummy troubles to rest.

Oh, I did forget one item from our new foods list: prunes! In small doses, this miracle food did us good. Oh, how my father would be proud. As owner and president of Bennett's juices, which specializes in the prune variety, he shamefully has a daughter who has never had a sip of his liquid gold that is known to break up solid gold. Well, at least his granddaughter has done him proud.

Moral of the story: mind your p(ea)s and qs, eat everything in moderation and a healthy diet really is a fine balance, cause constipation stinks (literally)!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Bodies

Thanks to Kate's mom for passing along a copy of The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman.

The techniques are a mix between the Ferber Method and the No Cry Sleep Solution but this book really opened my eyes to the world of naps.

Our evenings have been improving and I have realized that Hannah's 12+ hour nights are probably taking away from her daytime naps. Last night after sleeping from 7:00-9:30pm she was up for two hours. I think in her mind that first shift was actually a nap and not bedtime. So that means mommy is going to have to wake up earlier than 8:30am!

Chapter 7 of Sleep Sense focuses on nap time and puts things into perspective with this excerpt:

"Unfortunately, most parents are not terribly considerate of their children’s napping needs when they are planning their days. Now, I fully understand that most of you have things that need to get done during the day, and that bringing your child with you is a necessary fact of life. (Not too many people can afford a full-time nanny, after all!) However, it is very important that your child nap at about the same times every day, and that he nap in the same place where he sleeps at night. For most families, this means that your little one should be napping at home in his crib."

Then she goes on to give an example from one of her clients:

"When Barb and I sat down to discuss Lauren’s sleeping, Barb commented on how busy their days were. They had a “Mommy and Me” group on Wednesday afternoons, swimming lessons on Saturday mornings, Gymboree classes on Fridays, and usually a couple of casual drop-in visits with other moms during the week. Barb also told me that she ran a number of errands on any given day, and just took Lauren along for the ride."

That was so me during months 3-6. Mom and baby yoga on Tuesdays, Mom and Baby Pilates and Playgroup on Wednesdays and Infant Massage on Thursdays. We were always on the go. So I was essentially teaching Hannah to sleep en route to our activities, in the car or in the stroller, and no specific time of the day. These days I can't even breastfeed her to sleep for a nap. (I know, I know, I worked hard to break that nighttime association so at least I can be grateful for that!)

Yes, I am blaming myself. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time those first few months meeting new moms, getting back into shape and relaxing together, but I wish I had read this book earlier. Maybe I would have cut back on the outings and instead begun to pave the way for healthier sleeping habits for Hannah.

Well, at least I read it when I did and can now go ahead and make some changes. Granted we are signed up for a story time and music class, I think we can work them into a nap schedule. Sleep Sense says it can take up to 3 weeks to break habits but I am in for the long haul. With mere minutes to myself throughout the day, a rough 3 weeks is definitely worth 2-3 hours to myself a day.

So tomorrow is day 1. With no activities on our plate (yes, I am sadly skipping Love Happens at Movies for Mommies) I am making a point of getting up with Hannah for her first rising (and not settling her into my bed) and then setting 3 times throughout the day to try to get her to nap in her crib. I am assuming the outcome will be a cranky child.

With 2 months of teething and cold crankiness under my belt, what's a few more days, right?

Nap time here we come....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Star Studded Diet

Apple and Moses. Not every mom can get away with those names for her kids.

Gwyneth Paltrow can.

A blond beauty. Tall and thin. Humanitarian and oh ya, Academy Award Winner. She really is perfect isn't she?

But did you know that this mom also has her very own website called Goop?

Divided into sections: Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, See - there is a little bit for everyone here.

And today's article is for those in search of yummy treats that are gluten, dairy and sugar free. Gwyneth sits down with Erin McKenna of Babycakes Bakery.

With ingredients like Agave Nectar, Coconut Oil and more, you may have to re-stock your pantries but your waist lines (and taste buds) will thank you.

To see today's article you have to sign up for the newsletter. So go ahead.

Definitely not another new message to clutter up your inbox but a dose of celebrity (delicious) dish.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mom-Free Zone

Unfortunately, I had to miss my yoga class tonight.

The classes started two weeks ago at Yoga on the Park and I look forward to Tuesday nights as being my non-mom time. It's just an hour and a half but in that short class I get to unwind, exercise and briefly forget about my new found responsibilities.

So when my plans went askew tonight I had to find a replacement. Hence, the boiling pot of soup on my stove.

What is your non-mom time? Whether its an hour a week or an hour a day how do you unplug and just go back to being you?

Roots to Grow

Did you know that you can get a free tree from the Quebec government for the birth of every child?

My niece got a tree when she was born and her parents planted it in their backyard. So as she grows, she can watch the tree grow with her.

Ever since Hannah was born I have been searching for information about this program. After numerous google searches, nothing. Then last night, as I'm flipping through the birthing book given out at the hospital I finally found it.

So even though it will be a year late, next, May Hannah will be receiving a tree of her very own. We already have a spot picked out for it on the front lawn. Unfortunately our current home won't last (size-wise) once she has a sibling, but we can always walk by and visit what will hopefully be known as Hannah's tree.

Couple that with our great mat leave benefits and I'd say the Quebec government really has our little ones at heart.

Fo your very own tree, go here

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bite my Tongue

That'll teach me. Think before you speak. Or better yet, wait before you type.

On and on I went about having reached our sleep time goals. Little did I know what I was in for.

Lesson #1 - Ferber or any modification of it is useless when your little one has a cold
Lesson #2- anything good you may say about sleep will just end up jinxing yourself
Lesson #3 - colds suck

There was Friday night's miserable completely inconsolable crying session between 2 and 4 am. Followed by Saturday's, giving up and bringing her into our bed.

But luckily as the sniffles tapered off, so did her restlessness and last night we were blessed with a 12 to 5 stretch.

The crankiness continues...

Amazing though how its just for mom and dad. Grandma came over today while I tidied the house and she was a model child. Playing for two hours, eating her pears, with barely a peep!

Then again she may have worn herself out from kvetching in the morning with me, followed by the poop of all poops (after 2 days of constipation) that ended up on my arm, top, capris and her entire outfit.

So lessons learned - stay away from sick children, always put a hat on when its chilly out and most importantly, keep your mouth shut when it comes to a full night's sleep.

The next time you hear about an eight hour stretch it will be after an entire week's worth, when hopefully, it will be here to stay!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick And Tired

Runny nose. Grumpiness. Sneezing.

Hannah has her first cold.

It broke last night with snot running down her face and mommy feeling a bit stuffy too. Unfortunately, she hates the aspirator so getting her little nose clear is quite the challenge.

Luckily, it is happening now and will probably clear by this weekend for the Jewish New Year.

That covers the sick part. Now on to the tired.

Hopefully not only a symptom of this cold, but I am proud to report that Hannah has slept over 8 hours straight the past two nights. YAY!!!!

I am sure her ailments have something to do with it but I am also hoping that our modified Ferber technique of staying with her until she falls asleep is working. The first night I heard her wake up a few times but she fell back asleep on her on.

So hopefully with a sleeping success under our belt I can be an inspiration for you moms suffering into the wee hours of the night. Everything happens eventually. While Hannah was working on rolling and sitting, some of her peers were working on sleeping.

My husband and I knew we would have a ball of fire on our hands so I guess we should have expected sleep to be secondary.

Well now that it has arrived (please please be permanent) I have a feeling it won't be long before we are crawling....

Such busy little people they are!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meddling Mother in Law

She calls it meddling.

I call it amazing.

Hannah's grandma has used her nursing pull and highly respected reputation to get us into one of the city's top pediatricians' practices.

Before I knew she was "meddling" I left them a message...and never heard back.

She put in a few words with the receptionist and first thing on tomorrow's to-do list is phone in with Hannah's credentials and try to get a six month appointment - take 2.

Based on this doctor's reputation, I think we'll be pleased with his knowledge and exceptional bedside manner.

Thanks grandma!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Grand Slam Mom

Moms can do anything.

And Kim Clijsters, the new US Open champion, should be an inspiration to us all.

This mom is the first to win a major since 1940.

Maybe our strengths don't lie with a racket but hopefully her victory is a reminder to us all that all of our dreams are achievable.

Photo Memories

We had our first family photo shoot this weekend.

Hannah was a perfect start for a whole hour and 30 minutes.

A colleague of my husband offered to do the shoot and he couldn't have been nicer.

If you are looking to capture those precious faces of your family please give him a call:


Here are some of the candid shots (my favourite) from our shoot:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Mommy Method

Night One.
Take Two.

Well, Ferber modified that is.

It's all about using your instincts as a mom, right? So, instead of following the Ferber method step by step, we have adapted it to our level of comfort. And night one was quite successful.

Down to bed after a feeding at 8am. Sure, she was upset but I left the room for a few minutes. Once the crying ensued, I re-entered put my hand on her chest until she settled and stayed with her until she drifted off.

Pretty easy, right? Too easy!

Then at 10pm she woke again and just couldn't seem to settle herself. So after an hour of crying, a huge poopy diaper and a small feed, I put her back down. I made a few attempts at comforting her but knew at that point nothing would work so we just let her cry it out.

Eventually she fell asleep.

We heard some more kvetching at 1am but chose to ignore it. Followed by a bit more at 4am.

And then at 7:45am I heard her playing in her crib and went to say good morning (in desperate need to feed her).

Wow, the first night I have stayed in my own bed in months!!!

So maybe Hannah is now more mature or we have just realized that not everything can be by the book.

Mom knows best and hopefully this new mommy method will take only days to make an impact!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Is there a Doctor in the House?

A pediatrician.

In my mind, a compassionate professional there to give medical attention, advice and a smile.

That doesn't sound unreasonable, does it?

We had our third visit today and it still doesn't feel right. I've learned to navigate her thick accent but the problem seems to go deeper.

She's there to take measurements and track progress but thats about it. My questions are answered with few words and I feel like I need to lead her to get the details I want.

I told her we started solids and was hoping for some guidance about it's progression but got nothing.

When the issue of teething came up she couldn't get Hannah to open her mouth so she didn't bother looking inside.

And our number one problem - sleep - was basically a white or black answer of crying it out with no grey areas for teething. I think she was even confused when I brought up Ferber's name.

So I think it's time for a change.

Do you agree?

I'd love to hear about your pediatrician's interactions with you and your little ones. Am I expecting too much?

On a happy note, I'm proud to report a 15.5 lbs., 26 inch very strong and healthy 6 month old!

Two new articles

For your reading pleasure:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Body Moving

3 lbs to go.

Piece of cake, right?

Wrong. Sure, the number on the scale is so close to its original state but when I look in my closet I still have nothing to wear.

I couldn't figure it out. And then my mom told me what I guess I was trying to avoid these past six months. Your body changes with childbirth. So while that 3 digit number may almost be pre-baby, my body certainly isn't.

Things have shifted, and unfortunately not for the better.

Of course, the tummy is still jiggly and the boobs are on the bigger side but I guess this is the new me.

Sure, I am still counting on some changes once I stop breastfeeding, but seeing as that isn't in the near future I guess I'll just have to embrace my new found curves. And why not celebration with a little shopping spree?

First stop today Lululemon. I picked up a pair of pants and a new yoga mat (to help in the quest).

Hoping to hit up the new Forever 21 store next week (post first weekend back to school crowds). Yet slightly concerned that the slender cuts might not fit my new physique. I guess the rule of the game is to forget about the size on the label and just welcome whatever fashion finds come my way.

Hannah's closet is full of pretty things. Now, it's mommy's turn.

Ready, set, shop!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Hannah!


Six months.

When you think about it, it seems like an eternity. But it has flown by.

26 weeks of cooing and crying, laughing and loving, tears of both joy and frustration.

Think about what you do in six months. Sure, lots of mini milestones and maybe a vacation but the first six months of life are truly miraculous.

First smiles, first teeth, first trips, first foods. Rolling, sitting, hair and almost 4000 photos.

Happy half birthday my sweet Hannah. To the next six months and more.

I love you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Things Come in Pairs

Happy Labour Day Weekend.
Hopefully, like me, you had a relaxing weekend. Maybe in the country. Maybe by the ocean. Probably in the company of loved ones.

This weekend we read our fair share of The Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. It really is one of my favourite books for Hannah. Maybe because we keep the only copy in the country so its a breath of fresh air every time we read it.

Anyways, one of my favourite lines: Everybody promenade two by two. So cute and so fitting for this past weekend.

'Cause Hannah has not one tooth, but TWO teeth on the way! Hopefully a double explanation for what I am now calling the frustrating fifth month.

I'm starting to feel it while breastfeeding. Not so comfortable, but also not the only reason why we started solids this weekend. She is currently in love with butternut squash. And we're now on to a three day trial of oatmeal cereal.

Now I wonder what else will come two by two...maybe two consecutive nights of sleep? Wouldn't that be nice!

Friday, September 4, 2009

For your reading pleasure...

Here are two of my most recent articles:

And be on the lookout for Tuesday's article on about the opening of Forever XXI.

What a place! Just visited at 10:30am on opening morning and it was packed - full of people and amazingly priced fashion forward items.

Happy long weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dr. Tooth

My childhood memories are abundant. But when I think of January, the first thing that comes to mind is the Winter Carnival in Stowe, Vermont. We used to bundle up and take to Main Street for a winter celebration. There would be games and hot chocolate but my sister and I always eagerly anticipated the arrival of our favourite friends.

There was Superman and Cinderella, the Chipmunks and more. And though we waited with baited breath to give them a hug and hopefully snag a balloon there was one character who was anything but welcome.

Dr. Tooth.

That gold shiny tooth was scary to us little girls and we would shy away upon his appearance.

Ah yes, a tooth can be a very scary thing.

Maybe even so scary that it keeps you up at night, crying out for your mom every 2 hours? Or maybe it's just a great excuse for your mom to use to mask your sleep associations?

I'm not quite sure of the answer to that but one thing is for sure. We have a tooth!

Daddy discovered it last night and flashed open the shower curtain in sheer excitement to let me know. Once toweled off, I went in to investigate for myself and sure enough, with a quick finger on the lower gum I discovered a sharp pointy little bump.

It hasn't fully made its debut yet. Maybe it's waiting for her to officially turn 6 months old on Tuesday.

It may not be gold and muppet-like, but this tooth has definitely been shaking things up!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Daycare Decision

After 20 years of vegetarianism, I am giving in to chicken.

Not wings or fingers, but rather the mommy variety.

The daycare decision is in and the answer is NO.

For someone who has always dreaded the thought of leaving my little one with strangers, why would I suddenly decide to take the plunge 6 months before I even have to? Sure, a great opportunity came along but another one will hopefully eventually appear.

I've got 6+ months to enjoy with Hannah and that's exactly what I plan on doing. So in the meantime, another lucky mom (who actually needs the spot) can benefit. And hopefully she will put in a good word for us when the times draws near :)

So, looks like Hannah will have me all to herself. And I'm sure she'll love that...even if I am just a little bit chicken.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gingerbread Monkeys

When it comes to sales I don't monkey around.

I've been on a recent hunt for a Maclaren. We love our Bugaboo Frog but it basically takes up the entire trunk for weekends in the country. So an umbrella stroller seems like a great investment (before we splurge on a Thule roof rack).

Well, I just saved $50 on a Maclaren Quest Sport and thought I'd fill you in.

Gingerbread Monkeys, an amazing Canadian kids site, is offering 15% off everything on their website. So after all is said and done I spent $281 instead of $300+tax. I even compared this deal to buying in the States and it works out on the plus side.

Maybe you want a Maclaren too, or some Juicy Couture Baby or Puma High Tops..

Whatever your pleasure here is the discount code:B2S15

And if you do make a purchase tell them you heard about it from Midnight Mom

Happy shopping!

The Daycare Dilemma

Like I've said before, everything happens for a reason.

So, last week when I was at the vet, I got to talking to the receptionist who is just back from her mat leave. Turns out her son is registered at a daycare just down the street from me that mom and son both love.

I figured I better give them a call to get on their waiting list. A super friendly lady answered the phone and as it turns out they have a spot opening up this October.

We went to visit tonight and it literally took us 5 minutes walking to get there. It's a clean daycare run by a mom and a helper with a maximum of 9 children which seems like a pretty good ratio.

From waiting list to acceptance in less than a week. But being there tonight made me realize that I'm not ready to leave her just yet.

The daycare is only full time so even if I was to bring her for a few hours a few days a week I would have to pay for the entire week. Not such a big deal considering it is a $7 daycare. So for about $150/month I can guarantee her a spot.

But even so, am I ready to leave her with someone else for just a few hours at 7 months old? We inevitably have to work on some issues first like eating and napping. But once those are mastered am I ready to make the jump? I never imagined her being in daycare full time anyways (even though my work situation is still TBD), let alone being in one half way through my mat leave.

I admit it. I am chickening out. But is it worth missing out on such an ideal situation?

What do you think?