Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Daycare Dilemma

Like I've said before, everything happens for a reason.

So, last week when I was at the vet, I got to talking to the receptionist who is just back from her mat leave. Turns out her son is registered at a daycare just down the street from me that mom and son both love.

I figured I better give them a call to get on their waiting list. A super friendly lady answered the phone and as it turns out they have a spot opening up this October.

We went to visit tonight and it literally took us 5 minutes walking to get there. It's a clean daycare run by a mom and a helper with a maximum of 9 children which seems like a pretty good ratio.

From waiting list to acceptance in less than a week. But being there tonight made me realize that I'm not ready to leave her just yet.

The daycare is only full time so even if I was to bring her for a few hours a few days a week I would have to pay for the entire week. Not such a big deal considering it is a $7 daycare. So for about $150/month I can guarantee her a spot.

But even so, am I ready to leave her with someone else for just a few hours at 7 months old? We inevitably have to work on some issues first like eating and napping. But once those are mastered am I ready to make the jump? I never imagined her being in daycare full time anyways (even though my work situation is still TBD), let alone being in one half way through my mat leave.

I admit it. I am chickening out. But is it worth missing out on such an ideal situation?

What do you think?

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  1. If you feel like practicing your French, there are several a propos articles regarding the CPE and the timing of enrolments (September) in the La Presse newspaper, which can also be read online at cyberpresse.ca.
    Basically, it criticizes the system, arguing that babies born in the Spring are discremenated upon.
    I am thinking of writting to the family minister to complain about the system. This way, maybe spots in daycare can also open up in the Spring.