Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Montreal Mom Groups/Free Activities

Hi Montreal Moms,

I am putting together an article for www.sweetspot.ca about Montreal playgroups and free activities for babies.
Would love to hear of groups, workshops and mom cafes that you attend. I'm open to anything including library classes, playgroups, fitness groups and more.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Terrible Twos (Minus 10 months)

It's her way or the highway. At least that's what she thinks...

And if she doesn't get it, well, she'll just have a tantrum.

Lying on the floor, kicking and crying...I didn't think this was a sight I would see for at least another few months. But when I close the deck door (and she isn't outside) or I take away my keys, I know it is just moments away.

I am trying to blame it on teething which I am predicting is happening based on drooling, diarrhea and diaper rash (the dreaded 3 Ds) but I have a feeling that I can't peg this one on anything other than her mommy and daddy's genes. Used to getting things our way, or pouting until we do, making our combination of kvetching has gotten her on board early.

For now, I'm just laying her down on the floor (on a soft spot) and working on distraction to curtail the crying.

Maybe this means that our twos will be terrific?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


4 babies, 4 countries, 1 year of life.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Ponijoa in Namibia, Mari in Japan, Bayar in Mongolia, Hattie in the USA.

This new film will take us through 0-12 and show us how children from around the world are raised.

Still trying to find out if Montreal will be lucky enough to catch a peek of this film.

In the meantime, here is the trailer.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Slim Pickings

In preparation for my first day at the office I decided it was time to refresh my wardrobe. With limited shopping excursions during mat leave (for myself, Hannah's closet is fully stocked) I felt like I was wearing the same thing every day.

So with a pre-determined budget I set out downtown to stock up for spring.

H&M, Forever 21, Banana Republic, The Gap...I visited them all. And ended up with one measly t-shirt. As cute as the sequin anchor tee is, I was rather disappointed about having money burning a hole in my pocket.

I don't know if it was the anticipation of finding great fashion that I had been missing out on for so many months or just bad timing with tank tops and dresses abound. While temperatures might be seasonably warm, I'm not quite ready to bare all just yet. And the few things I had on my list (brown leggings, a tunic, a floral shirt) couldn't be found. Maybe I had waited too long and they are now passe?

Feeling just a tad blue I tried to think of other stores that might make the trip successful. BCBG (not so budget friendly), Old Navy, Simons...nada! I wanted to hit up Zara but the downtown location is closed for construction.

So, what's a girl to do? How about getting lucky just next to the produce aisle? Yes, Joe lifted my spirits and certainly made me feel fresh. The local Maxi made me smile with prices that are right and basics (like cardigans, tees and henleys) that will brighten my mood and my wardrobe. And while I did go just a tad over budget, I figured it best to stock up while I could find things I actually like.

While my wardrobe is far from revamped, it's a step in the right direction. Lesson learned. A mistake I have been making since I was a teenager. Buy it when you see it or it will be gone.

Who knew shopping could be so stressful?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the Job

I have a lump in my throat. An I'm going back to work tomorrow lump.

As you know, I have been freelancing since September 09 in the hopes
of staying at home with Hannah until she goes to daycare in September
10. Well the project that has been taking up most of my time requires
more time so I have committed to 10 hours/week in the office.

Dont get me wrong. I love what I am working on and who I am working
with, and look forward to full time potential but in a way, it feels
like great things are coming to an end. Maybe it's the dreaded "mat
leave coming to an end" on a month and a half delay.

I know I will have plenty of time with Hannah but it still feels sad.
I also know that my time with her will be of a better quality as the
need to multitask will be slightly dimished. I hopefully won't have to
cram in working hours during naps and at night. But I guess I just
feel like I might miss out by not always being with her.

Yes, I heard her first word and saw her first steps, but with my
little bundle of personality there is always excitement in store.

I will hardly be a 9-5 mom (at least not just yet) but that doesn't
make going back any easier.

But who said any of this (motherhood, that is) was easy? Right? If I
repeat it enough times it just might sink in...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Reading List

It's been a while since I filled you in on my most recent articles on www.sweetmama.ca and www.sweetspot.ca.

Here is a list of some new and noteworthy products and services in Montreal:

Happy reading and enjoy the weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Water works

We just got home from our first swimming lesson at the Y.

Hannah has been in the pool quite a few times before but I figured we should nail her "technique" before the summer. The instructor had the little babies in the pool doing somersaults and back floats. Sure, they didn't love it but they were learning to be comfortable in the water.

Hannah loves the water. But when it was time for her turn with the teacher, she wasn't so sure. After being dunked a few times, she broke out into tears but the teacher kept on working with her. Hard for a mom to watch.

In fact, all of the moms turned their heads when it was their baby's turn. We know its good for them but we'd rather not see it unravel.

After 35 minutes and some deep sea diving, Hannah had enough. So we headed to the locker room for the moment I had been dreading. How do we both shower and get changed in a slippery locker room? Turns out it wasn't so bad. With a stroller and snack in hand, we were both quickly dressed with just slight water stains on Hannah's track suit from my towel-less bathing suit. Lesson quickly learned.

I was expecting her to fall asleep on the way home. And though she was dazed in the driveway, upon being set in her crib she broke out into tears, as usual. Hopefully she will settle down soon from her big morning of fun.

Little fishies nap don't they?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Take a Bite out of...

Your crib?

This weekend we discovered what Hannah has been doing while spending 2 hours crying (instead of napping) in her crib.

She's been gnawing away at the wood and paint.

How much crib could a wood chuck chuck if she could chuck wood?

I'd rather not know the answer to that question so we headed over to Toys 'r Us to buy some crib rail teethers. Unfortunately, they did not fit.

Will try to find the time today to head over to Babysecure to see if they have a version that is not one size fits all.

Seems like we were blessed with 4.5 great months and now being a one year old has gotten tough for Hannah. Maybe its our fault for keeping her up late that one night but we seem to be entering a zone of constant over tiredness (or at least that's what I gathered from re-reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child).

A 5:30pm bedtime is on the agenda tonight. And hopefully we'll find those crib teethers so she won't get any wood stuck in those pearly whites while she gets a good night's sleep.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mommy Got Back

Well, Google Adsense may have abandoned me but thanks to a good friend I am now a Commission Junction Publisher.

What does that mean?

Well, aside from having some colourful ads next to my blog posts, I have the potential of getting a commission for every sale that I direct to these sites.

Perhaps, this is just the motivation I needed to get me back into the blogging game full time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have been bad. I haven't blogged in over a week. I'm sorry.

Excuses, excuses. Yes, I have many of them but let's just say this week was a bit of a whirlwind.

It started off with 27 degree temperatures in Stowe, VT for a long weekend that including everything, even a wading pool!

An early Monday morning visit with the twins I blogged about in November. After 5 months, they had their official homecoming and are doing superbly. Their mom amazed me as she is completely cool, calm and collected. I remember one baby being a handful but she has one in each hand and seems to be managing quite well!

A networking event, playgroup hostess, learning that our beloved E will be away for the entire month of May , being asked to work in an office twice a week...ah! Time to breathe!

But unfortunately, that's not so easy. Sure, it's the weekend but our nap hiatus continues. My attempts at re-ferberization have been a bust. I got lucky with one post-playgroup nap in her crib that lasted 40 whole minutes. For 3 days, I avoided going out so she wouldn't fall asleep in the car or stroller but then I had to get on with life.

It seems my 13 month old has better things to do too since she stands in her crib for an hour, twice a day, whining and pointing at various objects in her room.

So working has unfortunately become a full time night job.

There are my excuses. I will try to be better. I promise.

But must cut it short as the 40 minutes of whimpering has now turned into crying and I figure it's pointless to let her continue.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worst Mother Moment

After an hour of crying I went to go get her. Still perplexed as to how this happened, I decided to feel around in her mouth for new teeth. To my shock, what did I find but two molars making their debut. Aha! The possible cause for our misery. A lump in my throat, I felt terrible letting her cry it out when she was likely In terrible pain. Here's to hoping that molars don't have a permanent reverse Ferber effect...

Too Much of a Good Thing

Just realized that I haven't posted in almost a week.

It's been a bit of a hustle and bustle kind of week with the Jewish holidays. Hannah stayed home for the first seder as it only started at 8:30 which was well beyond her usual bedtime. But she made an appearance the second night at her grandparent's house. We managed to get her to nap in the car at about 6pm and surprisingly she was full of beans the rest of the night. We thought we'd have to put her in a pack and play come 8:30 but she stayed awake until 10.

We were so impressed.

Until the next day when I couldn't get her to nap. Two walks = two naps and a mother who got absolutely no work done.

Wow, do I ever regret letting her stay up so late. Especially as I listen to her cry (going on 45 minutes now) for her afternoon nap. I thought this day were behind us but...snap...all of a sudden I seem to be doing Ferber again. It kills me to hear her cry (like it did months ago) but I've GOT to do work. And she NEEDS to nap.

I knew Ferber could get reversed with a cold or travel but going to bed late one night?

I am completely in shock.

And slightly depressed that all of those days of work seem to be but a memory.