Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Water works

We just got home from our first swimming lesson at the Y.

Hannah has been in the pool quite a few times before but I figured we should nail her "technique" before the summer. The instructor had the little babies in the pool doing somersaults and back floats. Sure, they didn't love it but they were learning to be comfortable in the water.

Hannah loves the water. But when it was time for her turn with the teacher, she wasn't so sure. After being dunked a few times, she broke out into tears but the teacher kept on working with her. Hard for a mom to watch.

In fact, all of the moms turned their heads when it was their baby's turn. We know its good for them but we'd rather not see it unravel.

After 35 minutes and some deep sea diving, Hannah had enough. So we headed to the locker room for the moment I had been dreading. How do we both shower and get changed in a slippery locker room? Turns out it wasn't so bad. With a stroller and snack in hand, we were both quickly dressed with just slight water stains on Hannah's track suit from my towel-less bathing suit. Lesson quickly learned.

I was expecting her to fall asleep on the way home. And though she was dazed in the driveway, upon being set in her crib she broke out into tears, as usual. Hopefully she will settle down soon from her big morning of fun.

Little fishies nap don't they?

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