Monday, September 21, 2009

Bite my Tongue

That'll teach me. Think before you speak. Or better yet, wait before you type.

On and on I went about having reached our sleep time goals. Little did I know what I was in for.

Lesson #1 - Ferber or any modification of it is useless when your little one has a cold
Lesson #2- anything good you may say about sleep will just end up jinxing yourself
Lesson #3 - colds suck

There was Friday night's miserable completely inconsolable crying session between 2 and 4 am. Followed by Saturday's, giving up and bringing her into our bed.

But luckily as the sniffles tapered off, so did her restlessness and last night we were blessed with a 12 to 5 stretch.

The crankiness continues...

Amazing though how its just for mom and dad. Grandma came over today while I tidied the house and she was a model child. Playing for two hours, eating her pears, with barely a peep!

Then again she may have worn herself out from kvetching in the morning with me, followed by the poop of all poops (after 2 days of constipation) that ended up on my arm, top, capris and her entire outfit.

So lessons learned - stay away from sick children, always put a hat on when its chilly out and most importantly, keep your mouth shut when it comes to a full night's sleep.

The next time you hear about an eight hour stretch it will be after an entire week's worth, when hopefully, it will be here to stay!

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