Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Mommy Method

Night One.
Take Two.

Well, Ferber modified that is.

It's all about using your instincts as a mom, right? So, instead of following the Ferber method step by step, we have adapted it to our level of comfort. And night one was quite successful.

Down to bed after a feeding at 8am. Sure, she was upset but I left the room for a few minutes. Once the crying ensued, I re-entered put my hand on her chest until she settled and stayed with her until she drifted off.

Pretty easy, right? Too easy!

Then at 10pm she woke again and just couldn't seem to settle herself. So after an hour of crying, a huge poopy diaper and a small feed, I put her back down. I made a few attempts at comforting her but knew at that point nothing would work so we just let her cry it out.

Eventually she fell asleep.

We heard some more kvetching at 1am but chose to ignore it. Followed by a bit more at 4am.

And then at 7:45am I heard her playing in her crib and went to say good morning (in desperate need to feed her).

Wow, the first night I have stayed in my own bed in months!!!

So maybe Hannah is now more mature or we have just realized that not everything can be by the book.

Mom knows best and hopefully this new mommy method will take only days to make an impact!

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  1. That's really nice to hear - I'm glad you may have found something that works for you. EJL