Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick And Tired

Runny nose. Grumpiness. Sneezing.

Hannah has her first cold.

It broke last night with snot running down her face and mommy feeling a bit stuffy too. Unfortunately, she hates the aspirator so getting her little nose clear is quite the challenge.

Luckily, it is happening now and will probably clear by this weekend for the Jewish New Year.

That covers the sick part. Now on to the tired.

Hopefully not only a symptom of this cold, but I am proud to report that Hannah has slept over 8 hours straight the past two nights. YAY!!!!

I am sure her ailments have something to do with it but I am also hoping that our modified Ferber technique of staying with her until she falls asleep is working. The first night I heard her wake up a few times but she fell back asleep on her on.

So hopefully with a sleeping success under our belt I can be an inspiration for you moms suffering into the wee hours of the night. Everything happens eventually. While Hannah was working on rolling and sitting, some of her peers were working on sleeping.

My husband and I knew we would have a ball of fire on our hands so I guess we should have expected sleep to be secondary.

Well now that it has arrived (please please be permanent) I have a feeling it won't be long before we are crawling....

Such busy little people they are!

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