Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Body Moving

The past few days have been full of moving and grooving. Which was a really nice change after the entire family (Winston excluded) suffered from a bout of gastro last week.

During an extremely mild weekend in the country, Hannah got use of her sled. In fact, mommy and daddy got some good exercise pulling it up and down the paths of the Weisner Woods in Stowe, Vt. We didn't know we had a little speed demon on our hands but all along the ride she was talking to herself in delight.

And once mommy was in an active state of mind, I actually made use of my new gym membership. With a limited time slot (after Hannah's 6:30 bedtime) I made it to my first ever 7:30pm Zumba class. One part Mexican gangsta, one part belly dancer and a whole lot of hip shaking, I impressed myself with an unexpected amount of coordination. I guess after all of my years of ballet, I should have had a little more faith in myself. Sure, I was able to keep up with the beat but I would have loved to had a video of myself to see how awkward the whole thing really was!

Here's to hoping that this new year continues to be as active as fun!

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