Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So that explains it!

Wonder Week 46 is upon us!

Last night I felt like I had been run over by a mac truck (after dealing with so many truck driver-esque poops) and now I know why.

We are entering the wonderful world of sequences. So in a couple of weeks I will hopefully have a helper who will start putting her toys away instead of strewing them throughout the house. Granted she already enjoys picking up every speck of dirt off of the floor and her knees act as Swiffer pads. But soon things should be going into boxes, instead of coming out of them.

In the meantime, I must deal with a mischievous, diaper-hating, clingy 10-month old.

Mischief - case in point - Hannah has recently discovered Winston's food dishes. The minute she enters the kitchen she heads straight for those shiny chrome bowls. And after repeatedly telling her no and waving my index fingers, I get sweet smiles. Oh, I am so cute!

Well, yes she is...but I can only say no so many times. So the bowls have made their way up to the counter...for now. Hoping to not have to completely displace our home, I'm working on teaching Hannah what she can and cannot touch.

Maybe I'd be better off waiting a few weeks...

We got through the last Wonder Week. We'll get through this one too. I may just need a supply of concealer and caffeine to get by.

Oh week 46...how I anticipate your arrival. I wonder if you just might come early. Or would that mess up the sequence of things?!

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