Friday, January 15, 2010

Attached at the Hip

So far we have spent 10 months together. Day in, day out, laughs, tears...its been a bonding experience, every step of the way.

I guess its hard to take a step back and realize how close we have become. Or more importantly, how attached she has become to me.

Yesterday, Hannah spent her first afternoon with her new babysitter. After a great meeting last week, where they took to each other immediately, I was looking forward to a few hard core hours of work (t-minus two months until mat leave is up).

So I holed myself up in the office for a super productive hour...and then I came out. Bad idea. Yes, it was time for Hannah's afternoon snack but my appearance seemed to break the groove they had going. One look at me and it was like she couldn't live without me.

After a quick feed and some Cheerios and pears, I tried to hand her back. Tried being the operative word. But she just clung to me like glue.

We cut it short after an hour and a half and will hope for a bit more time next week. I guess I should have expected that it would be an endeavor to ease into...just a matter of time before its "mommy who?" And as the snow melts and the parks get packed, the fresh outdoors will surely be the ultimate distraction.

I can only imagine what it would be like if she was soon to make her daycare debut. So tough on the two of us. Luckily, we have until September to try to block that dreaded day out. And in the meantime, Hannah will surely be headed one step in the right direction towards a little less dependance on mommy. (boohoo)

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  1. Hi
    Its funny you write about this.... when I go get Emma at daycare, I sometimes peak through the glass window of their playroom before she sees me and she is having fun, interacting with the other kids and the educator, but, the moment she sees me, one out of 5 times, she starts crying as if she just realized how she was "abandonned" :( Truth is, before she saw me, she was all smiles, having a great time and all.
    The secret is for them not to see us, since at that age, they really live "in the moment". Its the same when we say goodbye, if I do an extended goodbye, I can sense her insecureties about me leaving. If on the contrary, I say a relatively quick and happy goodbye, mommy is coming back in a couple of hours, she is ok.
    Hope next time it goes better, I am sure it will :)