Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sweating to the Nursery Rhymes

Hannah is currently knocked out in her crib post our first session at Le Petit Gym in TMR. We took advantage of a free class this morning, with the Birds, aged 10-19 months.

Hannah, and her friend Cassie, were among the youngest in the group, still stuck on all fours. And though the other kids were running around, climbing on the apparatuses and catching bubbles in their tiny hands, my little 10 month old definitely had fun, with an audio tape narrated by Baz Luhrmann playing in the background.

We signed up for the winter session to begin in a few weeks, when she might be a bit more mobile (hoping not, at least until I get a gate for the kitchen). With 19 weeks of jumping, swinging, bouncing and more, this new Friday morning activity will most probably be a weekly anticipation.

And though the price tag may be steep at $380 for the session, plus membership, we will surely use it towards the government's physical activity tax credit for children.

So on February 5th we will officially be a bird. And though flying may not be in our future, Hannah will probably be soaring from the fun of it all.

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  1. Cool! Emma is also signed up for that class! So we can have fun together.... although, since I am going back to work, our last week will be March 15th :( But we are starting this week, in case you would like too!