Friday, December 24, 2010

The Place of Religion

For those of you with kids in Montreal CPE daycares you have probably heard about the government's recent ruling to ban religion in subsidized daycares.

The decision has left our house feeling uncertain about Hannah's education.

As of June 1, over 100 daycares in the province will have to change their procedures to fit the new guidelines. But, from what I know those guidelines seem quite blurry. If it's ok to have a Christmas tree or light a menorah on chanukah, why is it not ok to teach kids' hebrew songs?

There is a very fine line between "teaching" and "observing". Don't young children need to be taught traditions and rituals in order to observe?

We attended Hannah's weekly Shabbat party at school this morning, as she was chosen to be Ima at school. It was so nice to see how she is learning about her religion and interacting with her peers in a Jewish environment.

I take some comfort in the recent letter put out my CJA. Looks like the fight isn't over just yet.

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