Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caillou (& Hannah) Loves Winter

With forecasts for the weekend weather dropping way below zero, I'm already thinking about how to keep Hannah busy and warm.

While we seem to have made the most of Montreal's indoor family friendly activities (we finally tried Kidnasium last weekend), there is one I would definitely consider revisiting.

The Biodome.

We went on New Year's Day and Hannah and her best friend had an absolute ball. From walking through the different environments to enjoying their unique animals and entertainment (slides, egg seats & play areas) it was a morning of pure fun.

But best of all, they loved the Caillou Discovers Winter section. With a live daily storytelling session and a totally kid-friendly play area, this addition was truly the icing on the cake.

The play area had dress up penguin and bear costumes, an igloo tent, an icy slide and plenty of huge ice cube blocks for building. While we could have stayed all day, nap time quickly approached and the long drive home was a relaxing one for all of us.

Here's just a glimpse at some of the fun awaiting if you decide to head east this weekend, (btw, the exhibit ends February 6 so better hurry while it lasts):

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