Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mini Boden

Wow, has it really been almost two weeks since my last blog entry?

Five days away from my family in Toronto and weeks of trade show prep seem like a good excuse but, not good enough. So while I'll recap my big "getaway" in a subsequent blog, today I thought I'd make up for my absence on a lighter note.

Sure, we may have just gotten 15-20 cm making the roads a mess and sweaters all the more comfy but I'm already thinking about spring. You'd think my 6 hours of "alone time" at Yorkdale mall would have had something to do with it but my inspiration arrived in the mail the other day.

The Mini Boden Spring 2011 catalogue.

Just about the cutest kids' clothes I have ever seen. And while I admit to having never ordered anything from their catalogue (yes, they do ship to Canada), the steep price tags might be slipping my mind while flipping through the pages of this catalogue.

Here are just a few of my favourites that you may see Hannah sporting this spring/summer:

Stripy Boat Neck - so classic

Printed Classic Jeans - have you ever seen anything cuter? Strawberries!

Vest Dress - only $40!

And for baby girls and older boys...

Just a few of the absolutely adorable items available. And the women's stuff is pretty cute also.

Ever ordered from Boden? Would love to hear your feedback about their quality.


  1. I have ordered lots from them - I have found the quality of most items to be very high - with the exception of one pair of corduroy baby pants a couple of years where the cord rubbed off the knees during heavy use from my then-crawling baby! Good for hand-me-downs or resale on ebay (in fact, I bought some used mini Boden clothes on ebay that I was later able to hand down to friends with kids!)

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback Therese. Now I am really tempted to buy from them!

  3. My oldest (5 year old) son's wardrobe mostly consists of Mini Boden and Gap Kids. The quality of both are comparable and I love the colors and patterns you find in Boden's clothing that you can't find elsewhere!