Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daddy's Bed

Houston, we have a problem.

Got a fantastic 8+ hours of sleep on Tuesday night and totally thought we had gotten an easy pass out of our co-sleeping problem.

Until last night...

Hannah went to bed without a fuss at 7:30 but promptly awoke 2 hours later. We let her toss and turn for a while but I eventually had to go in. What a mistake!

"Daddy's bed....daddy's bed..."

Oh no, I thought. I want my pillows all to myself. So I offered to read her some stories but was met with absolute hysteria. I had the idea of bringing daddy's pillow into her bed which calmed her down instantly. So I began to read her books, sing her songs and sit beside her but almost an hour later I was freezing on the floor and she was jumping up and down.

So, I logically got out a blanket and a pillow and made myself comfy. But wouldn't you know she wanted to join me in slumber on the floor.

So we slept together for a good 2 hours on the hard floor. At about 2am, she was fast asleep and my side was in excruciating pain, so I gently lifted her up and plopped her into bed. She didn't move...until I left the room when she popped up and started shrieking.

Another floor attempt with lots of rustling around and we ended up back in "daddy's bed" at 4am.

Oy vey. What a mess I've made. It doesn't help that we'll be away for the weekend sharing a room with her.

Tonight, I will not go into her room. No matter how loud the crying gets.

Kind of feel like I'm ferberizing again.

Any suggestions? I want my bed back!

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