Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick Breath

The temperature outside this weekend hovered around 0 degrees celsius. And while most families were out an about enjoying the mild weather at multiple kid-friendly carnivals throughout Montreal, we were stuck at home.

But our indoor temperature was more than mild. Hannah had a 103 degree fever all weekend long. No fun. Lots of tempra, fluids and soup but she just couldn't shake it.

She morphed into a new child. A calm, TV-watching little girl that only wanted hugs and to be carried around. Snuggles on the couch...who is this child?

And while I savoured our moments of love (her sick breath aside) all I wanted was for her to feel better.

Not wanting her to cry unnecessarily, she made it into our bed every night. And while my back is aching from her sideways sleeping position, we are most concerned about a new habit we may be developing.

We worked so hard to break the co-sleeping habit at 8 months but it came back so naturally.

I hope with all of my might that once she is feeling better (which may be today seeing as it was a Tempra-free day) she will break the habit on her own and snuggle up under her covers all night long.

Maybe I caved too easily. Maybe she will bounce back to her old routine.

Whatever the outcome, I think I need to get myself a new sick strategy...any ideas?


  1. Gwen was sick a few weeks ago and just wanted to sit on the couch and read books! What a change from running around the house non-stop. Thankfully she was happy to sleep in her crib. You might want to try Ibuprofen - lasts longer than Tempra :)

  2. We actually switched to Advil (one of the few brands with grape flavour) and it worked much better. She was back at daycare by Tuesday.