Friday, February 4, 2011

Mommy goes MIA

What a week its been....

5 days in Toronto, an incurable cough and an unexpected sick day for Hannah today with a fever of 101.

Guess that's what happens when mom flies the coup. Payback, baby.

So as much as I'll admit that I was quite content to have a few days to myself, working trips are anything but relaxing. I logged a total of 25 hours on my feet manning a trade show booth and could now use a pedicure and a massage.

Granted, I did have a Saturday to myself that I quite enjoyed. It started with breakfast in my hotel room, a visit to the hotel gym (still so proud of myself for this), 6 hours at Yorkdale mall and a solo visit to the movie theatre. I admit, it was quite heavenly.

But while I was pounding the trade show pavement, Hannah and her dad and doggy were at home fending for themselves. Sure, I left a detailed calendar, pre-scheduled plans for playdates and a fridge full of food, but they did very well on their own.

Props to daddy for taking care of Hannah and Winston for 5 whole days. I honestly doubt that I could have done the same myself (mostly just the Winston part). But he managed to set up a high-tech system between the baby monitor and his iPhone to make the late night dog walks happen.

Pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.

With any luck my next work trip will only be in April (San Antonio, Texas anyone?) But instead of worrying about it already, now I know that they can manage without me. But the real question is can mommy manage without them?

Probably. If there's a spa, that is.

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