Friday, February 18, 2011

Eight Hours

8 hours, 480 minutes.

That is how much sleep I got last night. Hurray! And Hannah got closer to 11 hours!

My plan worked, now let's just hope I'm not jinxing it and it will repeat tonight.

So, the minute we got home from school we went into her room and starting re-organizing furniture. I wanted to move the crib temporarily into the office but it wouldn't fit through the door so we pushed it aside, out of the way.

Then I let her pick out her own sheets and blankets and told her how exciting it was to sleep in a big girl bed.

I also showed her the huge calendar we bought and the accompanying happy face stickers that would be placed on it for every night that she spent in her room.

Major hyping up happened until 7pm when we started to get ready for bed. We read stories as usual and I got her lying in bed, under the covers for the last one. And then I left.

And she cried.

And cried.

For 30 minutes.

That was it.

We looked at each over at 6:45am when the alarm went off, in shock. Nothing all night. Not even a peep.

I had to wake her up at 7:30am. We made a huge deal of her accomplishment, with lots of hugs, kisses and smiles. Then she chose a yellow and purple happy face to put on her calendar.


Hopefully tonight 30 minutes will shrink down (or cease to exist completely).

So while I seem to have my problem under control, please continue to post your comments for the CSN giveaway. There are plenty of other moms who could use your advice!

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