Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Bump

Last week I was lucky enough to be in San Diego for the Childhood Obesity Conference with FoodFun.

While I didn't have much free time I had a few shopping stops planned to fill my summer wardrobe with maternity wear.

Last time around I was pregnant during the winter so my collection of sweaters and dress pants (from a previous, more conservative employer) are still folded neatly in my maternity box.

I've managed to stock up on basic tanks and dresses, mostly from Old Navy but I thought I would find some real fashion steals in California.

I was wrong.

Yes, I had limited time and really only hit up one mall but the maternity department at Macy's leaves much to be desired (why does it have to be located next to the Plus sizes?) and the Gap seemed much too pricey for pieces that I'll only be wearing for 3 more months.

My best score of the trip was definitely a fancier deep V tank from the Gap for a mere $9.99 and some basic camis at the same price.

But my problem still remains in the bottoms. Aside from a borrowed skirt, a pair of regular size 3/4 leggings and 2 really ugly pairs of shorts/capris that I bought for a babymoon cruise, my options are slim.

I was dying to visit the Forever 21 Love21 maternity department and Liz Lange at Target but the closest stores were no where near the conference centre.

Any suggestions for local maternity summer bottom hotspots that won't break the bank? Or are long flowy dresses really the way to go?

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  1. I got a lot of jeans including citizens of humanity capris on eBay. Also ordered Liz Lange from target and had it mailed to the hotel :)