Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Storm Arrived Early...

My last post was about basking in the Indian summer sun. One month ago. And in those
few weeks how things have changed!

Alex James Manitt was born on September 27 at 11:32pm. Almost two weeks early, the little guy made an expected early debut pleasing mama with his good looks, quick arrival (no time for an epidural) and September birthday, guaranteeing a spot for daycare when he turns one.

While I won't give away all of the labour and delivery details, let's just say it involved one false alarm, 30 minutes of dilating from 5cm to 9cm, one doctor turned away for an epidural and six minutes of pushing.

Pictures of little Alex to follow soon, along with tales of being a mom of two, returning to work (part time) after two weeks and photos from our pre-Alex family photoshoot.

Lots of catching up to do...sleep, exercise, work, and of course, blogging!

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