Monday, April 16, 2012

A Lot Can Happen in a Week + Giveaway!

Silence. It's the first time I hear it in my house in over 10 days.

Hannah was off for Passover and her daddy so graciously took a stay-cation to help out with the kids and get some projects completed in the house.

While I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of it all I must say that this first 10 minutes of peace and quiet is quite nice!

So while it was a week jam packed with activities, visits with friends and family, a new toilet being installed in the powder room (such a handy husband)...I think the biggest accomplishment of the week came with Alex.

After a visit with his pediatrician, we decided to crack down on the sleeping. Formula is no longer in the equation as breast milk seems to be satiating enough for him. We've taken a modified Ferber approach. Basically, let him cry for a few minutes and then go in to pat him, hold him or put on music. Whatever works best to soothe him. The first few nights were rough (in terms of sleeplessness) but I think we've figured out the magic formula - placing my head next to his for a few seconds until he gets sleepy. Funnily enough, this is the same technique we used with Hannah. The real problem (or should I say backache) might occur when we have to drop his crib, but for now we are enjoying 5-6 hours of sleep.

At the same time, I was getting a bit worried about his eating. Lips clamped shut, he just wasn't interested. I tried feeding sacks and then headed to Plattsburgh to stock up on Plum Organicspouches that he can suck on himself. And then all of a sudden something clicked two days ago and I couldn't get the butternut squash in his mouth fast enough.

So now we have a little boy who is sleeping and eating...and everyone is happy!

In celebration I'm pleased to announce a giveaway thanks to the kind folks at Skip Hop. Up for grabs is their new Alphabet Zoo Unfolding Activity Book . It could be yours by becoming a follower of Midnight Mom and leaving a comment with your best piece of sleep advice for other moms to enjoy.
Contest ends Monday April 23rd.
Good luck!


  1. We give our son Cremer a bath as a family then PJs, swaddling, and snuggle time with Mom to help him drift off to sleep.

    We also find that Johnson's Bedtime Bath helps to soothe him.

  2. Once old enough.... Ferber!

  3. Congrats RL. You are the winner! Please contact me so I can get your details.

  4. I emailed you. Please get back to me at your earliest convienence.