Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys!

It is officially the season of the boy!

In the past month, I know of at least 4 boys being born. And interestingly enough, they were all born to moms who are 31 years old.

Yes, I am 31 years old so they are my peers but I point it out because what are the chances? I did hear of one girl in the mix but her mom was a bit older.

A fluke? Or does the Chinese gender prediction method really have truth to it?

I consulted this chart back when I was pregnant with Hannah and it said boy. Wrong.

Then I checked it for all of my friends who had probably conceived in June/July. All girls.

Interesting. Wrong all the time.

So should we just take the opposite of whatever it says?

Or leave it to a 50/50 chance?

So what does the chart say for me this time around? Boy.

Guess we have 6 more months to see if my reverse theory is right :)

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