Friday, April 15, 2011

Hives, Nausea & Fever...Oh My!

I feel like I say this every week but what a week it's been!

It started off with a call from school last Friday that she coughed her way through nap time and was exhausted. A bit of puke, an extremely high fever and 3 days home sick.

What did I learn through it all? Stay at home moms are amazing! Granted we were a bit cooped up due to illness, I don't know how stay at home moms do it. Entertaining, planning, physical exhaustion. When I get home from a short day at the office I've been sitting for 5-6 hours so I've got the energy for Hannah from 3pm-7:30pm but this 24 hour kid thing takes everything out of you! Maybe the bun in the oven is partly to blame but kudos to all you 24/7 moms.

Then, I had my 2nd doctor's appointment and finally caved for the Diclectin. I'm going into week 15 now and my nausea symptoms aren't getting much better. So I took the first pill last night before my early bedtime of 9pm. I awoke at midnight (the third part of this post) feeling absolutely nauseous. I know the pills cause drowsiness but I wasn't expecting to feel nausea off the bat. My symptoms this morning weren't completely gone and now I'm contemplating popping another pill.

Finally, hives. The past two nights have been rough as Hannah is finally better from her cold but broke out in a sudden rash. Two nights ago my husband spent two hours on her floor, after coating her with ample layers of cream. Last night, her entire face was covered in hives.

I raked my brain trying to think of what was new (food, drink, routine) and finally realized that I had switched from Natural Bounce sheets to Outdoor Fresh Bounce sheets. And her pillow case had just been cleaned in them the day before. So to avoid any more late night calamity, she came into our bed (which my back is still blaming me for) and I'm in the process of re-washing all of her bedding and clothing.

So now we have the weekend to look forward to and 8 whole days off of school. At least we've got sickness and allergic reactions out of the to solve the nausea dilemma. Hoping it will do that on its own :)

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