Monday, May 16, 2011

For Sale

Tonight we are putting our condo up for sale.

After 4 years, some minor renovations, the welcoming of Hannah and a slew of bizarre neighbours we need to move on.

With #2 on the way this fall, we're running out of space. Yes, we have 3 bedrooms but if each are claimed as a personal space our den will become a playroom, TV room and office all-in-one. Not to mention the terrifying thoughts of having to walk a dog up a hill with 2 kids in tow.

Sounds like its time for a basement and a backyard...

So while the decision isn't an easy one, its something we realized we have to do. Not just because of lack of space but because when that dream house (or lower duplex) does pop up on the market, we can't have any conditions on our offer (ie. the sale of our home).

Scary stuff, eh? The possibility of being 8 months pregnant and homeless is definitely not helping the stress of house hunting. But with 4 months of searching under our belt, we've narrowed down our locations, realized what's important and, most of all, learned that even if you are somewhat interested you need to jump on a place or it will be snatched up.

So with the For Sale sign going up in the next 48 hours and mortgage brokers hopefully battling it out to get us the best interest rate it looks like a new chapter in our lives is about to begin.

And hopefully it will be on the quaintest tree lined street in a home that will be the backdrop for our family's formative years.

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