Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The listing went up on Wednesday, the sign on Thursday and the first visitors stepped in on Friday.

First offer received Saturday night and the deal was done on Monday (pending inspection).

Wow! I knew it would go fast but 6 days to sell a home is amazing.

I think I was most happy about the quick nature of the sale because I no longer needed to keep the house looking immaculate. But once the dust (and dog hair and toys) settled, it quickly hit me that we have less than 3 months to find a new place.

We've revised our location preferences realizing that our 1st choice neighbourhood just isn't realistic for our budget and space needs. So, the visits continue and I've dug up some old listings that were originally ruled out.

Worse comes to worse and we can't find our dream home? We rent for a year and continue the search.

Either way, time to start packing before my big belly starts getting in the way!

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  1. Mazel Tov!!!! Yes, pack before your belly is too big.... its amazing how little we can live off... when needed