Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keeping her Captive

I made an unexpected stop on my way to work this morning. Walmart.

No, I wasn't stocking up on the latest diaper sale or perusing all of the water toys (perfect for this steamy day). I had a destination upon entering: the child safety section.

No scrapes, bumps or falls. I wasn't looking at the corner pads or drawer stoppers but rather the door handle locks.

Why you may ask? Because Hannah has mastered the art of opening her door and managed to escape from her room about 5 times last night.

We tried everything to get her to sleep: sleeping in her bed with her, sleeping on the couch, letting her sleep in our bed. But she just wouldn't settle down. Until 10pm. After being held hostage in her room, tears pouring down her face, she had finally exerted enough energy to fall asleep (in our bed of course) within seconds of hitting the pillow.

Unfortunate for her dad who found her lying horizontally on his side of the bed relegating him to the couch.

So, with my trusty new door lock and a hopefully easy installation, tonight she will be held captive in her room. Feel kind of like I am fending off a prisoner but the girls' gotta learn to stay put.

Not to mention that I keep envisioning her locking herself in her own room.

Putting all of my hopes for a good night's sleep in a round piece of plastic. Please work!

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