Friday, June 17, 2011

The Last Day

I can hardly believe it but today is Hannah's last day of school.

It seems like just yesterday that we were taking her for her orientation to meet her teachers and classmates. And when I look back on that post from August 2010 I can't believe how little she looks. Almost like a baby.

She's a real big girl now. A huge vocabulary, social skills (in the works), friendships, life lessons. Its amazing what a short 10 months can do.

While she'll be attending the camp "daycare" this summer, her days won't be as structured with learning but rather will focus on fun with time in the park, pool and other activities.

I've said it before but teachers really don't get enough credit. This 18 to 26 month period has been a formative one for Hannah and her teachers had so much to do with it. No amount of appreciation is enough to show how grateful we are.

I'm heading off for a school-wide lunch BBQ this afternoon. Will try my best to express my gratitude to them all.

To all of you moms with kids out of school....good luck! Hope your days aren't too hairy and the weather accommodates fun in the sun!

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