Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day One

Today was the big day. Orientation day at daycare.

Hannah was decked out in a pair of jeggings and an alphabet tee to make the best first impression on her first day.

She spotted the building from a block away, spotting the balloons floating outside and as we made our way into her classroom, she immediately bolted for the play kitchen.

45 minutes of playing, a snack and lots of new friends was time to say goodbye...but Hannah couldn't leave without giving her new teacher a kiss. (Can you feel my heart melting?)

We got a great feeling about the school. Hannah immediately adapted. Her teachers are warm and friendly. The other kids seem nice. And she made it through the morning without a nap.

Early to bed for her first half day, we'll see what tomorrow brings!


  1. I just got that t-shirt although they only had it in size 3 (about 10 size 3's and no size 2) but since it looks like Gwen might wear size 3 Joe Fresh (they run small no?) before her 2nd bday, I guess it's ok!
    Hannah is such a stylish cutie :)

  2. Hannah is wearing a size 2. Just pop it in the dryer and I am sure it will fit her soon!