Thursday, August 5, 2010

Balouni Enfants

It's rare that I walk into a toy store and not recognize one product on the shelves.

Actually, its never happened before...until I went to Balouni Enfants.

On assignment for Sweetmama, I checked out this new Nun's Island toy store and wow, was I amazed. Hannah and my husband tagged along and they had a ball while I got the official tour.

Karina, the store's owner, stocked the shelves with safe toys - whether they be BPA-free, fair trade or organic. And though the kid-friendly pool of products is vast I had never seen most of these brand names.

Find out more by reading the complete article. Or better yet go visit. You're sure to find the perfect gift for any little one.

Art kits from The Piggy Story
Toys from Katkaland

A selection of books in English and French
More from the Piggy Story (can you tell I am slightly obsessed with these whimsical pig prints?)


  1. looks like the store closed

  2. We just moved to nuns island and am so sad this store is closed! :(

  3. its because Karina was more headstrong than business strong