Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Floor Plan

As soon as Hannah wakes up from her long nap (I hope I didn't just jinx that), we are packing up and moving into my parents' house for the next two days.

Back in the fall, we had a flood and we are only just getting to the repairs now. The walls and ceiling were done last week and now its time for the floors. They came this afternoon to "prep" for tomorrow's work. I thought prep meant moving the washer and dryer and taking off the moldings. I was wrong. Yes, I write this with my washer and dryer just a foot away from me but I also feel like I am in a sterile environment.

The work is being done on the hallway so the kitchen, dining room, bathroom and Hannah's room have been sealed up with zippered plastic wraps. When we came in from the balcony (our hideout during the installation) Winston, the dog, was terrified to pass through the plastic and it totally distracted Hannah from taking her nap.

So, while the new floor is laid, we'll head a bit further West. Slightly concerned about Hannah's sleeping. Their house is much larger than ours so we don't have to worry about making noise - I can do laundry and cook as I please, but her sleeping schedule may be affected.

Worse comes to worse, we'll take naps in the stroller or car. I doubt two days will make a dent in our routine.

So the extended nap just ended (yes, I jinxed it) so its time to make the 3 minute trip to our new home for the next few days.

Wish us luck!

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