Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top Ten

The last page of September's Parenting magazine featured this cute top ten list that I thought was worth sharing:

Reasons You Fell in Love with Your Baby (and Out of Love with Your Old Boyfriend)

1. His endless babbling

2. He loved snuggling in your bed - but always wanted to go back to his own crib

3. His way of spending hours roaming around the house naked, his pouchy belly hanging out

4. The wet, sloppy kisses

5. He was content to lie quietly and gaze at his navel as you did all the housework

6. His birthday gift to you was simply a wilted flower

7. His idea of dancing was to bend his legs and bob up and down with a goofy, self-congratulatory grin

8. His smell

9. You could always count on him burping right after he finished a meal

10. The fact that he'll never love anyone as much as he loves his mommy

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