Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yay for Yea!

So you'd think that a blogger/writer for Sweetspot would be totally ahead of the game when it comes to trying out new Montreal establishments, right?

Well, with a full time daughter, part time job and lots in between, we don't get out all that much. Except this weekend we went out Friday night for a birthday party and Saturday to see Jerry Seinfeld. (An early 5th year anniversary present for my husband)

Well, on the way to Seinfeld we made a detour to Montreal's latest frozen craze. Yeh yogourt. I know this ice cream shop has been featured in many publications including Sweetspot, but I thought I'd give you my two cents.


If you're not familiar with the concept, Yeh Yogourt is a self-serve frozen yogourt shop. You walk in, and pick from your choice of flavours (original, mango, pistachio, cherry...) You then head over to the toppings bar where you can choose anything from fresh fruit to chocolate covered pretzels to graham cracker crumbs to gummy bears. You then place your container on the scale and pay $0.48/ounce.

I filled my bowl a quarter of the way and piled on fresh strawberries and blueberries, some yogourt covered raisins and pieces of cookie dough. The grand total: $5. Sounds expensive but not really compared to the $3.75 that I spent on Hannah's kiddie cup at Ben & Jerry's yesterday. Especially when this yogourt is all-natural and non-fat.

A cool, laid back atmosphere made for an enjoyable dessert locale, with bold shades of brown and fuschia setting the decor.

My only complaint? The yogourt comes in plastic takeout bowls (like National's cut up fruit). But there is no where to recycle them after you've enjoyed your treat.

Hopefully with two new locations on Ste Catherine St. and Monkland Ave. the company will go a bit more green.

But in the meantime, enjoy a tasty dessert and go green at home by carrying out your trash. Might as well eat well and do good.

Two thumbs up for Yeh Yogourt!

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