Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Growing Pains of All Ages

Yesterday I had both kids home. Not a big deal but definitely a day that required some planning. Or as it turns out, no planning at all.

You see, Alex has a mild fever and runny nose all weekend. Possible symptoms of teething. At 8 months, he is more than due. While I can't feel anything poking through in his mouth I know the poor guy is in a lot of pain. My sweet, smiley boy has become a total grump. Crying, kvetching and sleepy, he just isn't himself.

So plans to go to a 12 o'clock Pilates class quickly got shelved as the tears came streaming down his face before I could even get out of the door.

Then, Hannah who seems to be having some sort of "tantrum threes" pulls a few fast ones on me. The worst of them all was running from the park to my mom's house (right next door) by herself, not listening to my commands. All this following our morning activity of making a behavior chart with Xs marking the bad and stickers marking the good. At the end of the week, if there are more stickers than X's she gets a present. Needless to say, the 10 X's I gave her for running away are currently not working in our favor.

But in all honesty, the moment that lightened up the day was on the walk back home from my parent's house. The storm clouds were rolling in, I was pushing the double stroller and coercing Winston to stop smelling the roses. All of a sudden the skies opened up. Without a rain cover on board, we all got drenched (except for Alex who is small enough to stay sheltered). And we laughed about it.

I still smile writing this post. But think I have an even bigger smile on my face with one kid in daycare and the other happily napping :)


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