Friday, February 5, 2010

Groceries to Go

Back in 2002, when I lived in New York City I heard about FreshDirect. Groceries delivered to your door, that you shop for online. It was an amazing concept that my cousins took advantage of but unfortunately my 10011 zip code was not in the delivery zone.

And now, unfortunately my postal code does not qualify for IGA delivery which would have come in really handy during those first few months of mommy-hood.

But not all Montrealers, including moms, can take advantage of online grocery shopping...wait for it...of organic produce and packaged goods. Read all about it in today's article on Sweetspot.


  1. actually fresh direct did deliver to chelsea in 2002.

  2. Really? I distinctly remember putting in my zip code and being out of range. I would have totally loved that!