Tuesday, February 2, 2010

(Not So) Baby Bites

Hannah can eat.

In fact, sometimes I think she eats too much.

A yogourt and cereal for breakfast.
Cheerios as a snack.
A bread, protein, veggie and fruit for lunch.
A banana snack.
Meat, veggie, fruit and a cookie for dinner.

While she is on the small side for her age (at a mere 19 lbs), I wonder how much that little body can actually hold. Or more importantly, how much she really needs to make it run.

Its as though she starts to salivate at the sight of food. I whipped up a batch of banana muffins for her yesterday. After polishing one off with her lunch she needed to have a bite of mine. And in the afternoon, when grandma was having a granola bar snack (with nuts), she threw a mini hissy fit when she couldn't have a bite.

Have I created a food monster? I know, I know. Moms whose kids don't eat are probably jealous but I'm just looking to find a healthy balance here.

How much is too much? Can an 11-month old really know her limits?

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  1. Yes, I am super jealous.... Maybe Hannah could teach a thing or two to Emma ;) Oh well... I am writting to give my opinion on your last question. I beleive the answer is yes! A breastfed baby knows its limit better than a bottle fed, because in their first 5-6 months of life, the baby does not drink according to a predetermined "portion", but rather according to their appetite. Its tricky at first because you never know for sure if he/she is getting enough, but the baby knows to drink enough to fill its appetite. I really feel that this pattern continues with solids. Oh well, that's my view on the subject :)