Friday, February 26, 2010

Wonder Week 55

Sometimes I can't walk.

Not because I'm tired. Not because I have a leg cramp.

Because I have a 20 lb. infant clinging to my leg.

Yes ladies, we have entered the weeks leading up to Wonder Week 55. Clinginess, temper tantrums, hesitation towards strangers...oh what fun! That coupled with 4+ teeth making their debut and we're talking about one unhappy little girl.

It seems like such a shame that she would be so moody so close to her first birthday but I guess she doesn't realize that such a big milestone is approaching.

As we enter the world of programs, she is turning into a toddler. In fact, this morning she fed herself yogourt with a spoon. Granted it was messy, she quite enjoyed the autonomy.

So we will bear down and prepare for the worst and keep motivated by knowing that in a few weeks she will be her happy, smiling self again. And take heart in knowing that once we've hit the one year mark wonder weeks are far less frequent. Phew!

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