Sunday, October 24, 2010

School Yard Junkie

Last week was an affirming week. A week where I finally took complete confidence in Hannah's school.

That's not to say that I shipped her off every morning worried about how her day might progress. No, I knew she was going to a top facility (did I mention its only $7/day?) but I guess I just had to see it for myself to believe it.

Well, before I even got my half hour glimpse into a day at Hebrew Day School I was welcomed upon pick-up with great news. Hannah slept an hour, then an hour and a fifteen and then an hour and a half. She finally got her groove of sleeping in a room with 14 other kids. Yipee! And the best part of it (aside from not having to worry about her teachers hating that she was the one shortening their "break") is that the behaviour has carried over at home. This weekend we had a record breaking two and a half hour nap. I literally didn't know what to do with myself!

So, all this sleep was a welcome introduction to actually joining Hannah's class on Friday morning. She was the "ima" for Shabbat so I got to tag along (with challah and cookies). In just a short half hour, I realized how encouraging her teachers are. Most of my time was spent singing songs around a table.

But no ordinary songs. The teachers' playlist was crafted to include popular kids' tunes that involve actions like Wheels on the Bus and Skinnamarinkydinkydink. Each time a child imitated one of the actions, the main teacher would shout Bravo or Hurray, providing wonderful positive encouragement.

It was really so great to see.

I think about all of the things Hannah has gotten better at in the past two months (her vocabulary, holding hands, not biting) and it makes me realize how great this experience is for her.

I am genuinely thrilled. Now if only I could do something about the school's somewhat unhealthy menu my mind would be completely at ease..until I find something new to worry about...

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