Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whine and Dine

Why is it that children only whine for their mothers?

They can be total angels for their teachers, friends and other grownups but the minute their mom enters the room, that high pitched tone breaks out?

Case in point. Yesterday I picked Hannah up from her best friend's house post-daycare. They were playing and having a snack when I walked in. After getting a hug and a huge welcoming grin, Hannah proceeds into the kitchen where she begins to stare up at the counter and whine.

Eat, eat. So her bf's friend gave her a snack to qualm her demands. I asked if she had been whining prior to my arrival and, no shockingly, she hadn't been.

Yes, I know kids feel most comfortable with their moms, but why do we have to get the raw end of the whining deal. I suppose we have to take the bad (whining) along with the good (an instant bond, super smiles, giggling laughs).

Oh, did I mention that the whining in the car is my least favourite kind of whining of all? You wouldn't believe the things we do to try to distract from the long ride. Pointing out dogs (on sunny days), umbrellas (on rainy days) and singing just about every song in the book (with actions and a very dry throat by the end of it), all to avoid any unhappiness.

Oh, wait. I just realized I am now the one who is whining.
I guess I don't need my mom to make it happen, just a captive audience :)