Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sick Day

This past weekend was one filled with tantrums. Lots of crying. Lots of tears. I thought we were experiencing an early bout of the terrible twos.

Turns out we were just getting sick. I thought an upset tummy had cleared come Monday morning but got the dreaded call from school on Tuesday that she had numerous diaper changes, a runny nose and glassy eyes.

When I picked her up, after rushing my way through a major keynote presentation, I found out that 4 kids in her class hadn't come to school because of gastro.

Oh, no!

But lots of starch and liquids and our tummy ache seems to be resolved. We're still stuck with a runny nose but our worst condition is a diagnosis from the doctor this morning of conjunctivitis. Highly contagious, I was warned that her school would require at least 24 hours of antibiotic drops before letting her back in.

Luckily that'll be the case at 9am tomorrow morning. Just in time to see the Wiggles perform live at the Bell Centre.

Crazy to think how quickly germs can spread from one kid to another.

But not as crazy as trying to re-jig my schedule to work and keep her home.

How on earth do parents of multiple kids manage with sick days? I guess thats why so many offices are filled with coughing and sneezing. We save the days for our kids and just grin and bear it even though we'd rather be in bed.

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