Monday, January 16, 2012

Favourite Things - part 2

A long time has passed since I last wrote about some of my favourite baby things. And while I still have favourites like my Beco baby carrier I thought I'd round up some of my newest mom finds:

We have yet to buy a new stroller and are actually contemplating if we even need a double come spring time when Hannah will be 3 but if I had to pick this would be it. Great for 2 kids (even infants) but not too wide like the typical side by sides.

I wanted navy blue crib sheets for Alex's room and they were almost impossible to find, except at Pottery Barn kids.

Lent to us by a friend when Hannah was a baby, this super plush stroller sack is getting tons more use by Alex as we now live on flatter terrain, which doesn't require using a carrier as much.
This was a gift from a great friend and has totally changed bath time and made it easier to have 2 in the tub.
Tommy Tippee bottles
These "closer to nature" bottles have replaced Hannah's Adiri bottles, mainly because they are so much easier to find. But they still have that boob-like look and feel.

Those are my top baby picks for now. Seeing as we're doing this the second time around we luckily haven't had to buy much.

Still shopping for Hannah though...stay tuned for my favourite toddler things :)

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