Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Night

Last night my husband and I went out for the first time since Alex was born. That's just about 14 weeks. And if you consider my pre-delivery slowdown I'd say it was really our first time out since our anniversary on Labour Day.

Long overdue.

But we weren't up to asking just anybody to put the two kids to bed seeing as we've barely done it solo ourselves. We probably could of in the last few weeks seeing as Hannah has finally acclimatized to her new room and Alex is on a predictable schedule but we just didn't.

So when my in-laws asked if Hannah wanted to sleep over last night we jumped at the opportunity and had my mom come over to watch Alex.

Where to go?! I had read and been invited to so many new restaurant launches (but couldn't attend because of Alex's arrival) so I thought the decision would be tough. Nora Gray, Lawrence, Le Filet.

Not so. I called around and found out that many restaurants were still closed for the holidays until January 10th.

And the Happening Gourmand would have been ideal with prix fixe menus in the Old Port but it only starts tomorrow, January 9.

So after some tweeting, hemming and hawing I found the perfect place. Moishes.

A steakhouse for a vegetarian? Yes!

A few months ago this Montreal classic introduced a special Thursday to Sunday menu for $25 between the hours of 9pm and midnight. An appetizer, main course and coffee or tea for half the price such a meal would ordinarily cost.

It was a great night out with plenty of pickles and coleslaw to start and the infamous Double Bubble gum to end the night. And in the middle, a house salad, shrimps and spinach and Monte Carlo potato. Not to mention the scrumptious piece of Millefeuille (last one in the house) taken to go.

I hadn't been to Moishes in ages and the recent renovation was quite impressive as well as the great marketing technique of bringing in a younger crowd.

As we drove up St Laurent Blvd. we joked around that we hadn't been there in ages. Best line of the night from my husband "When I was 17 and heading to Vol du Nuit and Cafeteria I never imagined driving up this street in a 7-passenger vehicle with a cow print car seat in the back".

Of how things have changed. For the better :)

Here's to more nights out...

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