Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not the right Formula

So my big decision that I wrote about yesterday about whether or not to give formula a try is basically a no go.

The reason why? No, I have not declared myself a breastfeeding nazi but rather I got lucky with a whole lot of breast milk last night. I pumped a whopping 5.5 oz by 10pm just in time for Alex to wake up at 10:30pm.

After a feed that took quite a bit of time (just went to Toys r Us to get 3+ nipples) he dozed off only to wake up at 1:45am. And 4am. And 6am...

So even though he had another great feed upon his first waking I'm thinking hunger is not the issue here.

To be honest, I was hoping it was since a solution was rather quick and easy. But seems like I truly do have another major sucker on my hands (or boobs, for that matter). And in this case, a solution isn't so easy.

It takes work, sleepless nights and possibly tears. Not sure I'm ready to tackle this yet (maybe its 4 month regression....stop fooling yourself Lauren!) Guess I have to be in the zone to take this challenge on. Not there yet, maybe Monday.

Unless someone out there has some inspiration for me?!

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