Monday, November 29, 2010

Hooray for Teachers

As some of you may have noticed my posting frequency has diminished over the past month. I have been utterly consumed in all things FoodFun with our first sales and online launch.

So with a month's worth of content to catch up on, I thought I'd write about the recent parent-teacher interviews we had at Hannah's school Yes, that's right. Parent-teacher interviews for a 20-month old.

I thought it was crazy too. What would they tell me? That she eats her crayons?

But, all joking aside, I am so happy that her school took this initiative. We got to spend one on one time with her teachers and find out how she is doing 3 months into it.

Among other things, we were told that Hannah is:
1. Very smart - she understands everything (every parent's dream!)
2. Outgoing - likes to play with the teachers and her peers which is uncommon at this age when parallel play is the norm
3. Knows what she wants (knew that from numerous tantrums :) )
4. Is always put to bed for nap by one specific teacher

We got some more info about what she is eating. I was curious to know that the elusive "veggies" and "fruits" on the weekly menu consist of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, apples, oranges and cantaloupes (interesting since I never try to give her those veggies at home).

All in all, it was a great experience to know what she is up to on a daily basis.

I am so grateful to my husband for thanking the teachers for their hard work. I don't know why the thought didn't cross my mind. I guess when you see them for a combined total of 5 minutes per day you take for granted how rough their days are with 14 children to look after.

But they really change their lives. Hannah started counting last week, out of the blue. And its all thanks to her teachers (and learning about the Chanukah candles).

They are absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for their hard work.

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