Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat, Treat, Treat

Halloween 2010. It was a magical night filled with Tinkerbell, a ballerina and superman(s).

Hannah's first official Halloween.

Last year, we were in New York City for October 31st. While Hannah donned a pumpkin onesie, at just 7 months old there wasn't too much excitement around the day.

But this year, we set out trick or treating in our neighborhood and then to a party. I will admit I felt like our neighbours were looking at me like "she's totally using her kid for candy", but Hannah certainly had the thrill of ringing their doorbells and saying thank you!

The real highlight of her night, however, was serving the 300+ trick or treaters that rang our friends' bell. In about 2 hours, Hannah dolled out the candy, strategically placing 2 pieces of candy per bag. She saw ghosts, goblins, a sumo wrestler, super mario brothers and so many more fun costumes. I wish I had captured the expression of sheer joy on her face every time the doorbell rang.

Instead here are some pictures of the cutest Tinkerbell I've ever seen.

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