Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snot your Average Tissue

So as I mentioned last week, Hannah was plagued with a cold. A runny, messy nose.

And after going through every washcloth in the house, trying to get off that crusty green mess, I discovered my new favourite product at Toys r Us.

No endorsement here. Just a mom who has discovered a great product that she wants to share with you.

They're "snot your average tissue"

These wipes were created by two moms who obviously knew best. Each wipe contains a saline solution to get those little noses unblocked with a quick swipe.

The wipes are soft, paraben-free and come in 3 flavours including grape, menthol and fresh scent.

For $3.99 a pack I picked up a few to have on hand whenever the next cold hits us. And I'm planning on throwing out my nasal aspirator, which has not gotten much use around here.

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