Friday, December 11, 2009

Crown Jewels Run Dry

Just about a year ago I became familiar with the term "Dairy Queen." A homage to the breastfeeding mom who was filling her baby up with loads of healthy stuff to start life off on the right track.

My first week at it was rough but now it's like second nature. Only problem is that it seems that the reserves are drying up.

No, Hannah isn't going hungry but my every-other-night pumping sessions are rather lackluster these days. Back in the day 10 minutes of pumping would yield 4 ounces. A suitable serving for my hungry baby. But lately my 10pm pumps have trickled from 3 to 2 to 1 ounce(s).

Today I tried to bulk up on nursing tea (with multiple pee breaks throughout the day) and got a measly 2 ounces out of it.

Yes, I have a freezer full of 2 ounce servings but unfortunately two nights worth of pumping will be needed for one bedtime feeding.

I actually think the whole thing is pretty ironic considering that we just recently hit the milestone of someone other than myself being able to put Hannah to bed. So now that we actually can (and want to) go out, we have to pick our nights so as not to run out of liquid gold (or milky white).

At least Hannah's bedtime is somewhat accommodating at the early hour of 6pm. And we're just 3 months away from hitting the cow's milk mark.

So maybe it really is just my body's way of starting the weaning process.

Hey, if this body is willing to take its time (unlike the grand entrance 9 months ago), I'm all for it.

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