Monday, December 14, 2009

Mum on the Mum Mums

Finger foods are Hannah's new favourite thing. The cauliflower, sweet potato or pear may not always make it into her mouth but the thrill of the challenge keeps her going. Especially when the newly introduced Cheerios are involved.

But her real first taste at texture was a Baby Mum Mum Rusk. Quick dissolving, easy to hold and fun to throw on the floor, the minute these cookies come out of the cupboard, Hannah is on high alert. When she hears the rustling of these rusk wrappers she knows she is about to get a sweet treat.

Well, I admit it. I have been using the Mum Mums to my advantage. To soothe moments of crankiness, to keep her quiet during business calls, to get those few last dishes in the sink washed. Yes, Baby Mum Mums are my solution to keeping Hannah mum (for 3-5 minutes).

I don't call it bribery. Just a saviour for a few much needed mommy moments. It's not like I'm painting my nails while she crunches away...its just a chance to catch up on all of those things I have been dying to do throughout the day. So I'm adding Mum Mums to the list of mommy time savers, along with the excersauser, jumparoo and fridge magnets.

I wish I could add Farley biscuits to that list as they take about 20 minutes to savour. But unfortunately the cleanup required post-cracker takes away from the quiet quotient.

Hopefully, I'm not creating a cookie monster in the process...


  1. Abby loves baby mum mums - it was my mum (her grandmum) who introduced them. They're a lot of fun!!!

  2. That's so funny - I just discovered these too, just saw them on the shelf at Loblaws and gave them a try.

    Kate's didn't realize they were edible at first, but once she put them in her mouth, she loved them!
    The only problem is that she doesn't usually finish them, and I end up finding soggy cookie pieces stuck to the floor...