Saturday, December 19, 2009

Middle Mercy

Welcome to teeth #5 and #6.

First were the two lower centers, then the fangs, and now the middle top two have decided to make their debut.

She really is a cute toothy monkey until it comes time for a snack.

It's not that she's biting but with a mouthful of chompers, the angles at which she chooses to suck are quite painful. So what's a mom to do? 9.5 months into and it seems a shame to stop now. We have proudly avoided formula thus far. Not that there is anything wrong with it but since we are just a few months away from cow's milk, it seems pointless to introduce it now. Plus, nursing is still totally soothing to her.

At first it was a real bonding experience but now that she is all over the place. It seems that she barely has time to savour what she is sucking. Aside from pre-nap/bedtime, her snacks are a game of on and off, drops of milk streaming down her cheeks, leaving mommy in slight pain in the process.

The early days of nursing were hard enough and I imagine weaning will be just as tough. So what's a mom to do in the interim?

I wonder if they make baby sized mouth guards...


  1. if you can tolerate the pain, go to infant led weaning ... and push the sippy cup with pumped milk throughout...

  2. Unfortunately that isn't really an option since I don't have an overwhelming amount of milk. Check out my previous post: